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Here are some samples of some recent projects. Quicktime required.

Copyright 2006 Pat McKeen.

This is a tune by Pat McKeen entitled, “JoMama”. I played drums and percussion, Pat played everything else.  Contact Pat through his website, www.patmckeen.com.

Band:  SemiFi. Check ‘em out at:


Band:  Defunct Generation. Check ‘em out at:


One of the services I offer helps out folks that have the ability to record a track or two at a time--but not an entire drumset.  Or, in this case, where a rhythm section isn’t readily available, I provide what’s needed, and the client finishes it up at his/her own studio.

Same client, different tune. He later provided the guitars and vocals at his own studio. 

And for a Christmas-themed tune, here’s Diane.

One of the cover bands I play in, The Pop Rocks. A couple snippets from a demo CD that we recorded here.

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